Assassins creed Origins Ubisoft


Don’t forget to keep updated with my official social media outlets linked below! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Did Assassins Creed: Origins help Ubisoft? Game Developers and publishers are used to making annual releases of content, it keeps the players busy and the investors happy. Sometimes, when developers are rushed for making titles of a […]

Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo Switch 1 Year Later – Is It Worth It?

One whole year has passed since the Nintendo switch docked into our lives and many hours have been spent on the vast majority of titles that the Nintendo switch boasts, whether that’s ports of older games or new titles from Nintendo directly. Now the Switch is having its first birthday, I think its appropriate to […]

The Timeless Beauty of Photography.

Photography is for some people, a natural skill. For others, it takes years of learning, education and capture of knowledge to acquire such perfection in photography. Since the day of instant Polaroid pictures (which was the big thing in my young days) I have always been fascinated in how we can simply capture that one […]

Buying an Xbox 360 in 2018 – Is It Worth It?

The Xbox 360, the console that added joy, laughter and many parents angered with its early day RRoD issues that sent many adults and kids into a frenzy trying to understand what had happened to their beautiful new console. Since the Xbox 360 came out over 10 years ago, I thought it would be good […]