Could Nintendo Make a BIGGER & BETTER Switch?


It has already been one whole year since the launch of the beloved handheld and extremely portable console, according to the adverts you can even play it on a rooftop with friends and still enjoy it!

Anyway, back to the main article evolving around the Nintendo Switch….

As said above, it has been just over a whole year since Nintendo graced our world with this wonderful console and even still people are buying, playing and expanding the games library of the wonderful console. Now, the main question I have been asking myself and also seen from the gaming community is, when is Nintendo making a new switch, one with bigger screen and less bezel?

The current Nintendo Switch (and I say current as there could well be another one in development as we speak….or type) is a brilliant machine, it is like a Nintendo 2DS/3DS but with the addition of HD graphics, faster loading times, updated games that are similar to titles currently played on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It is everything that Nintendo gamers and new to Nintendo gamers wanted and have finally been rewarded.

Now, a year down the line and we already know the Nintendo Switch is a much-loved console that serves as a hybrid console both at home and on the go in any situation. One of the downfalls to this has been the size of the screen. Although it is roughly the same size as some Samsung budget tablets, it still kicks in some great power and visuals for such a tiny machine.

Nintendo Switch Screen & Bezel

Going from my own experience with the Nintendo Switch, when I opened the box, I was first wowed with the new console in a positive way, but then kind of left a little bit disappointed in how small the actual console is, specially without the joy cons attached. As I dug deeper into the box and started to assemble my Switch console like it was some sort of transformer, it felt more and more like a console with each click of parts being added.

Now, moving on a little, the bezel on the console if where Nintendo should improve. If the bezel around the edge was thinner and took up less screen real estate, then it would give the games a little more of a chance to shine when in handheld mode. It has even got some of the gaming community thinking and actually drafting there on renders on what a bezel-less Switch would look like…take some examples below.

Bezel-less Switch – Credit:
Another completely screen Switch – Link:

Maybe Nintendo will deliver something this year, maybe the year after, who knows? We don’t have much concrete evidence to suggest they are going to punch another handheld into the pool of other Nintendo products, similar to their 2DS and 3DS systems. It would be nice to have an addition to the Switch, even if it was same hardware but just a plus sized screen. Also looking into the records and sales side of things, the Switch did launch to an amazing reception and sold out pretty much instantly. Even I had to watch the retailers websites and reserve one as soon as it popped up as available.

So, looking at the sales and the current hardware of the switch, if Nintendo did decide to launch a new plus size console, I would happily purchase one without the need to second guess it.

Would you buy a bigger Switch if Nintendo made one? Let me know in the comments below!


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