Why Apple LOVES The iPhone X Notch.


When the iPhone X was announced and at the 2017 keynote directly from Apples very own Steve Jobs Theatre, it was a day full of news, gadgets and of course the anticipated yearly dose of iPhones. This time, there was not just two but three contenders this year.

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and of course the main star of the show, the iPhone X.

Today’s article will be focusing on the iPhone X and its rather random but at the same time beautiful black notch.

From the moment it was announced to the day it was released, it was always an up and down show that brought some new people forward and some apple fans away. No, it wasn’t the fact they ditched the same year on year design for a new edge to edge display, it wasn’t the fact you could be an animated poo (Animoji) it was actually down to the notch in some cases.

That’s right, loyalty was stripped and ripped all down to a casual addition of the notch.

So, for those that still question the wonderful black boulder that places itself loud and proud at the top of your display, it comes down to some simple thinking as to why apple haven’t done the rumoured recall and suspended production of the iPhone X…

  • The features the notch holds
  • The purpose of branding

Lets start with the most simple one.

If you look at any other cellphone, you more than likely get a wonderful black slab on the top of the screen to hide things such as the camera, light sensor and whatever magical beans the phone holds.

iPhone X Front Facing Camera & Notch


That right there, is exactly what apple have done, expect cut a section from the top left and right to make it look more like your average persons over-bite on the top teeth…

…anyway, back to the magic behind the notch!

So, it hides some pretty important tech from being taken over on the whole top part of the screen and isn’t just a visual addition to the Apple flagship. The noticeable notch is the home and sanctuary for the phones light sensor, front camera, face ID recognition and much more. At first you may look at this black spot and think, “Just why, why re you doing this apple?” It is only when you sit down and understand how much technology has been packed into such a small space do you understand how much the notch is needed, rather than hated.

The second main reason. Branding!

Apple has very distinct and clever ways of making a brand stand out and most of all, being successful. Let us take their main logo for instance, an apple. Who would have thought an apple would have been such an amazing, simple yet highly recognisable logo for a company.

So, how do we relate this to the iPhone X and its notch?

Well, when you look at other iPhones, you recognise that for generations of iPhone, it has been a similar if not identical pattern when it comes to the looks. When you add years of similarity in terms of design, it then sticks to the brand, so when you look at a phone with a rather thick border, top and bottom border and a belly button like home button, you instantly know it’s an iPhone without the need to further investigate and turn the phone over and glance at the Apple logo.

iPhone X 64GB Silver Apple Smartphone

Now the notch, that also adds a similarity of design and its own unique ability to ensure its staple in place of the brand. When the phone is turned off, you can’t really tell it is an iPhone since the home button has been removed, however, when the screen is on, the difference is highly noticeable with a gleaming screen and noticeable black area that now homes the camera and front facing technology.

So, what comes across as an obstacle for some is considered a smart move by others, and by apples standards is a way to unite the brand of Apple while also showing a new generation of phone, whether that is by UI, iOS and even phone design. The notch has become so noticeable that the sight of a phone in the window will lead you to know what brand it is without looking at a logo. Looking at this from apples perspective is an absolutely brilliant move that ensures people won’t forget what the phone is while knowing the company it is from without a need for a second glance, closer inspection or even google to find out.

Apple iPhone X Smartphone

Basically, the notch is here to stay, the notch ain’t going anywhere and has proven to be a strong step for Apple in design and most importantly for brand recognition.

You better start playing nice with notch, because he might be staying around for a little while.


About Tom Hicks

A Tech loving guy who enjoys life and the many aspects that digital media can influence our choices and life overall.

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