Writing Blogs is GOOD for the Brain.

Why Is Blogging Important?

Whether it’s writing an article, reading an article or just generally browsing the internet, we all love a good blog. They can be based on many topics going from your everyday recipe, your commute to work, your routine for the week and even reviews on technology. I personally don’t like sticking to one genre, I like to mix it up a bit and write about myself, what I do and my life while also reviewing my favourite things…or even things i’m not to fond of, just for a laugh.

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To start with, the past few weeks have been an unpleasant up and down scale for me. I have been contemplating, scrapping stories and thinking about multiple topics as of late. If you do follow my blog (which I think would be a good idea to follow, just saying.) you will notice I have been absent from my usual every few days articles popping up about tech or life. This was due to what you could say a mid-blog crisis with a mix of writers block. I feel like I had to step back from this for multiple reasons. Some reasons go from health and some down to working on my relationship with me and my fiancé, which has been the main focus point for me. Now, I do look to going back to writing and as well as this, mixing it up a bit more. I admit, I was primarily focused on technology for a while, however, taking a step back I feel I could focus on more than just tech, but my life, making some what of a memory lane to look back on and either say “That was awesome” or “Wow, did I really do that?”.

So, why do I find this important?

I’ve come to my ultimate conclusion that this is important because we spend so much time in our lives just focusing on one ultimate destination or one route/way that we forget about the other unexplored regions, alternative routes and exciting adventures that could impact you in more great ways then you can imagine. Blogging for me personally makes me feel comfort in what I write and then what I say in person. I feel like I can explain things better when sitting down, reflecting and writing while reflecting on the day or even week. Moreover, I find it important to me because I feel I can explore who I am, not only do I talk about topics, I explore them as if it is a lecture, whether its good or bad, I go for the ultimate sense of interaction that is possible during a personal blog. Doing this is an important step that I feel needs to be done to achieve that grasp from the reader, hence why overall I want to look at what can be done and what needs to be done on a blog like my own. I want to involve more than just reviews on technology and video games, I aim to incorporate my life, my journey and my individual steps in life into one easy to use, to the point website. That website is Tom Hicks Blogs.


What do I aim to write in these personal life blogs?

Just about anything that can record my journey whether that’s health, keeping track, milestones and anything that makes it exciting to look at now and again in years down the line. Some things I would love to tackle in forms of blogs would be health, and believe me, I have some issues on my side, however, I don’t let this effect me. Some of these are going to be about myself as an individual, my health, my interests and why I want to open my own studio at some point in life.

The main health sector I would love to cover in my blogs would be my Type 1 Diabetes. I have been diagnosed and Type 1 for 2 years now and with each day that passes, I am presented with a challenge of keeping it in tip-top shape while also juggling life such as work, fitness and other pass times such as hobbies, gaming, reviewing tech and even this, blogging. I would love to do this more often and I guess I can, I just need to focus on it. You could say a little like my diabetes. I was on top of it, steady levels and steady weight and enjoying how life was going despite the health issues. Now, I have a bad routine, eat things I shouldn’t and have really fell off track.

Moreover, this is why I am looking into mixing up my blog page with a mix of my favourite tech items and reviews with a mix of my personality in person. I hope it is something that could help others one day too, diabetic or non diabetic, it is something I wish to give to others, the motivation to fix whatever it is while at the same time-sharing my passion for writing and reviewing items.

Next topic, the frequency.

I’ve always had in my mind that I wanted to upload as much as I could, as quickly as I could. Now, a part of me still has that in my head, however after further thought, I have also adapted a more simple approach to just doing it when I can, not moving anything out-of-the-way nor changing too much that I forget my priorities. It isn’t a slackers excuse or slackers way, I just feel these types of blogs take more time to write than my reviews. I feel the reviews can be written up in a few hours without any hassle, the more personal ones take time, time I want to spend wisely on the articles I write to ensure they capture everything im trying to portray, but via pixels and words instead of some beautiful early 14th century painting from an artist I cannot pronounce.

As per usual, before I get to ahead of myself and blubber about unrelated topics like how I chipped my tooth on lasagna (I really don’t know how it happened) I will be concluding this blog here to keep things relevant to the subject matter at hand.

If you did enjoy my article then please do feel free to follow, give constructive advice or a good ole like maybe? Your call at the end of the day.


About Tom Hicks

A Tech loving guy who enjoys life and the many aspects that digital media can influence our choices and life overall.

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