Why Do People HATE The iPhone X?

iPhone X

So, its become ever so apparent that some people like android and some like Apples iPhone. This is down to many reasons and even specific ones depending on the user, however, why do a lot of people hate the iPhone X?

I think I know the answer to this one…The Price.

The iPhone X is probably the most unique model they have created since the iPhone 6. The shape and design of the iPhone has stayed relatively the same throughout the years, simple screen, yet beautiful and easy to use since the screen has been easy to reach, even on the plus models.

Apple iPhones
The iPhone Evolution – Credit: Apple

However, Apple went the full 9 yards with the iPhone X.

The screen takes up a huge portion of the screen, no longer do you have these borders at the top and bottom of the phone taking up a huge portion of what could be quality screen real estate and the home button has been replaced with the easy and very easy Face ID. Another great addition would be the long-awaited wireless charging, this is something many apple fans have been waiting for and greatly supported with this move.

So, without going into too much about the in-depth additions to this iPhone, lets talk about the main talking point to this phone, not only is it a solid and beautifully designed phone (that is if you can get used to the notch, which you will after a week or so) but the pricing has set a new standard in smart phones and how the bar is presented. The iPhone X is valued at a whopping £999 from the UK and $999 from the USA….great conversion rate…

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X – Ignore the screen protector…I can’t use them.

Even die-hard apple fans are saying that the price for a unit like this is just to high for a phone, which if buying outright on a tight budget I would say yes it is a high price. £999/$999 for the base model is a very high price just shy of 1 from £1000/$1000 which sets it straight for how much people really want to pay for a phone and how much they actually have to pay.

Apple iPhone X Silver
iPhone X Store Listing – Credit: Apple

Moreover, let us not pull away from the fact that Samsung has since released there S9 and S9+ phone which also comes very close to the asking price of a base model iPhone. Let us do some quick reference shall we…

(Keep in mind these are the set prices at time of writing but are subject to have being changed by the time of publication)

Iphone X = £999 UK price

Samsung S9+ = £869

Only £130 difference at this time for buying either a Samsung  S9+ or an Apple iPhone X.

Now, with these types of figured above, it makes you think, why people use the excuse that the price is too high. Yes I know the iPhone X is still the most expensive one by £130 UK currency, but given how close the phones are in price, it would come down to the usability and what you will be using it for at a price like that.

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9+ & Price – Credit: Samsung

For example, I myself have a Macbook Pro, I did have a Samsung S8 but found getting files over from one to the other was a bit of a pain and involved either USB cables or using third-party apps. After long debate and thought, including the price, I came to realise that getting an iPhone would prove much easier for what I use it for. I take images for my blogs on my phone, I write things on the go so using AirDrop to send files over wirelessly and iCloud + pages on apple hardware seemed like a more time-saving and stress free way to deal with these kind of issues that always popped up when I used 1 android and 1 iPhone.

Obviously deciding on the final choice can depend on the price and that is a completely justified reason if you are on a budget, although both phones are very close in price, it all comes down to the realistic reasons of why you need it as your daily driver. My reason was ease of use, portability with both the iPhone and MacBook connecting together seamlessly and overall linking without issues, third-party apps and so on. Just easy, simple on the go productivity. What more could you ask for?

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*This isn’t a paid article nor is it meant to persuade you to go out and buy an apple or Samsung product, this is purely for you to understand why so many people hate an item with such similarities to the opposite*


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