CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 – Who’s Ready?


Another year, another Call Of Duty title is rumoured, wished and delivered. Since Treyarch is this years publisher, its time to look back at their portfolio of titles and really ask ourselves the question… are we ready?

Fans around the world from the call of duty realm have slowly decreased over the years due to multiple reasons, too much future, too much guns and too much loot box. That’s the excuse they give anyway. So, looking firmly at stats from either postings from the publishers directly or , you can see the decline in love for the series. However, me personally, I extend my arms out open to Treyarch for making the COD titles they have. They don’t seem like your generic COD titles, you have multiple choices, multiple endings and more options than your average Tesla model would have. So, with Treyarch and their greatness at the wheel, we are being delivered the tall and mighty promise of another Black ops addition to the franchise….Black Ops4! With only a short teaser being announced and a shockingly early release date, it gives many players promise to what will be delivered.

BO4 Treyarch
Black Ops 4 Reveal – @Treyarch

After tweets from @Treyarch and fan favourite @DavidVonderhaar being very cryptic announcing a new COD inbound, Black ops 4, this has sparked multiple threads, topics, hashtags and ideas as to what direction this game could be going in. I will save those for another article as I don’t want to over populate this article with too much opinion and research. We need to stick to the question of…

“Are We Ready?”

Coming from me, yes I think we are ready…why? Well, the last 5 or so years of Call Of Duty have been very up and down. After COD Ghosts, things kind of turned a little down south for the record-breaking franchise, pre-orders went down, total player population went down and everything just went so negative ever since. So, with the hate train firmly taken to one side, I personally think we are ready for this kind of information to uplift the spirits of keen gamers that want the style of Call of Duty that doesn’t involve exo-suits, jumping off walls, super abilities, special power ups and things that make the game feel like a Disney/Marvel film on steroids rather than the generic but awesome shooter that blasts the single player out the window and dominates the multiplayer experience.

Black Ops 3 Screenshot – Credit: Treyarch

So, going from what COD games have been shot into our systems over the last few years, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Some of the flops over the years have included, and in no particular order…

  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Very simple Storyline)
  • Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Although the campaign was awesome!)
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Kevin Spacey was great…but the online was crap)

Due to the last few years of flops, it has left the players feeling betrayed, unhappy and untrusting with the franchise. Every year people say they don’t want exo-suits, they don’t want a futuristic setting and they certainly don’t want wall running and double exo jumping…but for a fair while, that is what we was delivered, everything we didn’t want. Last year, this all changed and we went right back to the very core of what made COD a successful franchise, we went back to WW2, which is a good step in a very good direction, it did receive a great reception from other gamers and existing lovers of call of duty franchise…but unfortunately for the old-time lovers of the franchise, there was no going back to something that has already been broken.

Call Of Duty: WW2 – Promotional Material

Now, the main question being again, Black Ops 4 – Are We Ready? Well, if they could happily learn from mistakes of going from a modern warfare setting to a futuristic setting, then yes I would be happy to say I am ready for us to return to the loving hands of Treyarch, that is hoping we have more to go on than just the Black Ops title. Hopefully, we will go back into the twisted and current days of Black ops 1 or even Black Ops 2, where things all started and went into the path of corruption, conspiracy and betrayal. Times where the gaming mechanics actually made more sense, was easier to follow and involved more boots on ground variety rather than boots on walls or boots in sky action. With all this being said, all we can do is wait till we get more information to go on such as screenshots, videos and more tweets I guess.

Oh I do hope its set between the 1960s and early 2000s, I really can’t be doing with another future settings COD. 

Stick around for more Black ops 4 related information as more will be coming as it is released to the public. 


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