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Did Assassins Creed: Origins help Ubisoft?

Game Developers and publishers are used to making annual releases of content, it keeps the players busy and the investors happy. Sometimes, when developers are rushed for making titles of a AAA+ standard they often miss out key elements that often makes the game feel outdated, tired and ready to head to the resting ground for other failed or drained titles.

Today’s focus on this topic is going to be Assassins Creed Origins and how the move to delay a title for 1 extra year has given the game much more in success than titles previous to its launch.

If you have been a keen Assassins Creed lover then you will know from the very beginning, the franchise had stolen the hearts of many lovers for this genre as the only game that came close to this back In the day was Prince of Persia. So, with the added sprinkle of Prince Of Persia, Assassins Creed was born to the world. At first, it was a standard release of a title that did well at launch and proceeded with a second title that, for many, is the one title that stood the sands of time and aged very well in terms of story, depth, and flexibility.

Moreover, Assassins Creed 2 was a triumph for many players of the franchise, it included more weaponry choice, much more customisation options for both the player and other assets, gave the player the ability to swim and in certain mission, the ability to fly. This perfect blend of features that you could do in the second title compared to the first, made this addition a very fitting and warm welcomed one at the most. Players enjoyed the deep story that stemmed from a simple family feud, to a mind bending but interesting web of lies, corruption and power that ultimately kept you wanting to come back every single time you logged off.


Legendary Ezio – Credit – Ubisoft


Now, why did I bring this up first before talking about AC: Origins? Well, through popular opinion, many people felt that the productivity and development in further titles had lacked in each title. Every single year after a new title would launch and in turn supply you with an AC title each year to keep you stumbling over the coming weeks or months, depending on DLC and how you play your games. After playing each AC title, I can through my own opinion say that yes there has been some improvement in story, a few new features that change the game every so slightly, but not in the most immersive way that you’d think. Features that come and go that quick, it doesn’t seem game breaking or if anything doesn’t carry over to the next title.

This is where Origins comes in and saves the day!

When Ubisoft decided it was time to go on a 1 year hiatus from the world of gaming, some people felt upset, deprived and somewhat confused as to why they are being stripped of their annual fix of Assassins creed, like it was some sort of drug that keeps the urge to airdrop assassinate off your local church at bay. Ubisoft wanted to keep this way under wraps and away from the peering eyes of the general gaming public. If you know Ubisoft, you know they have had a fair share of game leaks over the years, some big and some small…either way, Ubisoft have that constant look over their shoulders to make sure the next latest and greatest is not accidentally revealed at an early stage and filled with possible hate and repent of the title.

So, back on track, Origins was kept under tight wrap for a long time and in turn, made it a game everyone was looking forward too. People wanted to have a new Assassins creed, not something that slightly changed with an added action or new grapple hook feature, they wanted a complete overhaul of the game. As expected with the 1 year gap, Ubisoft had delivered this with perfection. Not only did they showcase a huge open world of Egypt or the change of eagle vision to an actual eagle…this time, Ubisoft went to the roots of the creed, back to the brotherhood that started everything from this point onwards. The game is filled with many twists, turns, secrets and puzzles, it could very well consume your day easier than a rather large crocodile taking on a tiny but expensive steak at one of those fancy restaurants you see now days. Try putting that one on Instagram.


Assassins creed: Origins
Assassin Bayek exploring tombs – Credit – Ubisoft


Origins has been deemed to be a classic by many before its launch and even after its launch, it was a game that changed the franchise forever. One of the biggest and noticeable changes was the armour and level system. No more are you staying with the same few blades or selected colour shades for clothing, this has all been overturned too. Now, you have many different items of clothing, armour, weaponry and accessories that you can truly make your character your very own. You can to upgrade your weapons so if you like the look or perks that the weapon has at an early level, you can keep it aside and upgrade it later on down the line so you bring an old relic to life again.

One of the biggest changes to the game was the level system, that similar to most Ubisoft games now. Before in old AC titles, you could go up to an enemy and take him or her out no problem at any point of the game. This time that has been scrapped and changed for the alternative approach. The game wants you to explore, find excuses to get to a higher level, more excuses to learn more fighting styles rather than just hidden blade, smoke bomb and assassinate. This title forces you to open your options and get the right gear while getting the job done. Similar to the division, you must ensure you level up your character to further increase your health, armour and other upgradable options your assassin might have. If you want to take on a level 10 enemy while being only level 2…it would be possible but would just take a lot more time than you would think and maybe, just maybe, multiple deaths in the process.

Assassins Creed Origins Level System
Level Tree in Assassins Creed Origins – Credit – Ubisoft

If you don’t mind a grind and level up system, then you will love what this game has to offer from the get go in terms of levels, upgrades and so on.

I wouldn’t really call this a change to the series but more of an improvement. The story line over the last few years has been a mix of confusion, short leads of stories and somewhat washed down from previous stories. The worst out of them all in my personal opinion would be Syndicate. Although they introduced the split character option, it seemed like it was loosely tied up and seemed to be more trouble than it was worth just to keep up with all sides of the story.

Ubisoft managed to perfectly polish the story of Origins right from the start. Despite the first mission throwing you straight into the action, the events that follow after the introduction really has the most impact, it throws you into the deep-end without any warning, it sums up exactly what your mission is without making you feel like a tag along just there for the cinematic shots. You can tell that the extra time Ubisoft had taken to develop this title really did pay off in both the gameplay, the story and its overall execution. Every character you interact with leaves you with either questions you hunt to answer, marks you never forget or memories you love to share and experience again. Overall you can’t complain about the sheer amount of effort and content that was put into a game like this. When I felt like the Assassins Creed series was dying, it was beautifully brought to life and revived with a masterpiece and gemstone that is Assassins Creed Origins.

If you are still at this point on the edge on wanting to purchase this title as a first time Assassins Creed player or once lover of the series, then you might want to look up some gameplay or give the game a second chance. I can assure you, if you did enjoy either the old Prince of Persia titles or older Assassins Creed titles, you will enjoy this title without any issues at all. Well maybe a few but hey, everyone is different.

Thanks for stopping and taking the time to read this, I most appreciate your time and support.


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