Nintendo Switch 1 Year Later – Is It Worth It?

Nintendo Switch Console

One whole year has passed since the Nintendo switch docked into our lives and many hours have been spent on the vast majority of titles that the Nintendo switch boasts, whether that’s ports of older games or new titles from Nintendo directly. Now the Switch is having its first birthday, I think its appropriate to see how this little guy is holding up.

If you have no idea what a Nintendo Switch is, your either a tech hater, lived under the sea and are on the complete wrong website. If you do know what it is, then great, we are on the path to perfection! For those who have no clue what it is, the Nintendo Switch is a portable console that can be played at home via the docking system, on a bus, plane or even a rooftop. I often sit on rooftops doing nothing, but now the switch is here, my life has honestly been changed for the better!

Just a sprinkle of sarcasm here.

Like any console, it did come with its downside and its good side, kinda like a fussy super model who only shows their left side due to a massive mole on their right side, but anyway, the Switch did have its ups and did have its downs. For me personally, the Switch had far more ups than it did downs, off the top of my head, only 2 downsides for me to be honest.

  • The back support stand
  • The size of the bezel

The back support stand is what makes this thing more mobile. The one thing that makes it amazing to play on rooftops, according to the advertisements. The only downside I have to this revolutionary bit of kit is its back stand. Why? Because as ideal as it is to have, maybe a metal one would have stood the test of time a little better…providing it could stand at all. Many times I could be playing Snipper clips, Mario Kart or any game really and go to click out the back stand but spend 10 minutes searching for it as its flew off the back. Not only is it a pain in the backside to un-click, once you apply that much force to get it off, it comes flying off the main console and somewhere on that rooftop your sat on…all alone. I understand why they have added the back stand but please Nintendo…if you make a Nintendo Switch PLUS model or new version then maybe add a metal stand that can withstand more force than a soggy toothbrush.


Nintendo Switch Ultra Solid backstand!


The bezel, the sizes of the black bezel that engulf the side of the screen are something that closely remind you of an early stages tablet or smart phone. I understand they need to keep some aspect ratio with the games and how they are made but then you line up all the bezel against the screen real estate, you are reminded just how limited you are on an already small console. Around a good 10% – 15% of the screen is bezel…I am sure there is a perfectly good reason as to why they are there….like sensors for auto brightness and so on, however, it would be nice to see maybe an anniversary model that could buffer the size of the screen ever so slightly.


The Nintendo Switch and barely visible bezel…


So, negatives out the way, 1 Year has passed and hows the little guy doing? He’s doing great!

Despite being played near enough every day or every 2 days for a while year, this small but mighty console has stood the sands of time and given me many hours of fun and beautiful gameplay on a range of games all in the grip of my hands.

The battery is still in amazing quality, loss of life in the battery so far has not been an issue to me, despite being in the dock pretty much every time I stop using it or while playing in docked mode, the battery still functions as it did 1 years ago, which is perfect for a gaming addict and someone who like to game on the go. Although depending on what game you are playing, it can drain the battery pretty fast, the fastest draining games I’ve played so far has to go to Zelda: BOTW and Mario kart 8, out of those 2 games, you might want to invest in a USB type C battery pack just to bump up the juice incase you need a longer playing time.

The console has retained its quality more than I thought it would. Although this could vary from user to user, I have had no loss of quality coming from the overall build of the console and its internals. The speed of the start-up still remains very quick, usually you find a little slow down in speeds after a year or so, somewhat similar to a phone. After many updates and playtime later, the console still retains its strong and quick loading speeds. The feel of the controller and rubber joy sticks still have a pristine glow to them with no signs of running down. The buttons still have a fresh click to them every single time it is pressed, the console as a whole is in great condition without any sign of damage. All in all, despite the console being mostly plastic, with the metal and other materials being focused on the inside of the console, the console has proudly served 1 year with absolutely no battle scars, no slowdowns, scratches of any type or visual damage at all that could indicate the console is cheap.

Nintendo Switch Joycon analogue

My next judgement is the games!

When the Nintendo switch first arrived to the keen hands of excited gamers, we were limited to a select few line ups. The first major titles to be released on the Nintendo Switch that seemed somewhat exciting was Zelda: Breath of The Wild, 1 – 2 Switch and some indie titles with one favourite being Snipper Clips, the couch co-op puzzle game that leads to worse arguments than a family game of monopoly. After a fair amount of time, the expansion of games flew in, mostly being indie titles, the console seemed more like the failed console Ouya as indie titles heavily outweighed the greatness of the first party titles. Nintendo has been releasing many games that are not indie titles to the switch over the last year, some ports of current or older games and some new ones from bigger studios from the likes of Ubisoft. Some of the games that caught my attention over the last year would have been The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild,Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and of course Skyrim. Okay the games don’t look at clear as a 4K enhancement you get from a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, however, for a handheld or even docked console, the gameplay holds up really well. If you want to know more about the Skyrim port to the switch, Click Here to have a read. You won’t be disappointed.


Range of Nintendo Switch Games.


Moreover, since the switch has been a triumph in its own world of gaming, it clearly shows that a vast majority of games do not need to be top spec, 4K ready games with over 1 million frames per second (the frames part was a slight exaggeration) but really just needs to be something with a fun, interactive storyline, good graphics and decent frame rate. Let us take Super Mario Odyssey, the game that made the once closed off 2D/3D Mario runner a more open and explorable game. Although the game has a cartoon element to it, the story is full to the brim with adventures, quests and boss battles that look and play so smoothly. This is the case with a large majority if the games Nintendo has released, whether that be first party or indie, they all play and port over properly, like the time has been taken out to really crack down on it unlike ports that have been rushed in the past just to get that extra money in.


Overall, if you haven’t thought about getting the Nintendo Switch or have been on the fence about getting on, then 1 year from its original birthday seems like a great time to get one! From little indie games to Nintendo first party games, the console has all of that and everything in between. Its one of the most unique and portable games consoles that is able to bring console capable graphics to your hands or even the rooftops like in the adverts.

Go on, treat yourself…get one!


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