Buying an Xbox 360 in 2018 – Is It Worth It?

The Xbox 360, the console that added joy, laughter and many parents angered with its early day RRoD issues that sent many adults and kids into a frenzy trying to understand what had happened to their beautiful new console. Since the Xbox 360 came out over 10 years ago, I thought it would be good to see if it’s a worthwhile investment now the years have flown past and multiple stages of Xbox One are available.

I remember the day when I got my first Xbox 360…going from the legendary Playstation 2 to the Xbox 360 seemed such a foreign move. The controller was different, the UI was alien to me and it felt like I had started playing video games as a technology-virgin. I had no idea what I was doing…but it was fun! What got me really excited was the wireless controller…never had I thought you could go from a wired pad to a wireless and still play the game so smoothly. So, looking back on what technology was around 12 years ago and where we are now…it really opens your eyes to the rate of which we are developing technology. The speed that we are creating these powerful machines that at one point could only process so little in tiny chunks….but now, can process entire games within a few seconds. It truly is something that opens your eyes. That got me thinking about visiting the old times again.

So I did.

I always wanted to get the Xbox 360 E model so I did so, only £90 for the Xbox with a 500GB HDD, controller, 2 battery packs and 4 games. Not bad.

So, since it was second-hand, I decided it was appropriate that some cleaning and anti-bacterial wipes are used…just to be safe. After a good 45 minutes of scrubbing, the console looked as good as new…despite a few scratches on the side of it which I plan to repair through replacement parts. After setting it up again, it was strange to see the familiar but yet so nostalgic Xbox 360 start-up theme. The layout, while being from a. Long time ago, still felt new, still felt current and fluid as it would ever be. I know the tiles layout has also been a favourite on the Xbox One console but seeing it all in it’s glory on the Xbox 360 was something different.

So enough of my trip to the past, let’s try justify why it could be a good purchase?

The main reasons that led me to purchase an Xbox 360 console again was:

  • Low Price
  • Lots of Games
  • Addition extras are cheap, eg, controller, headsets…
  • Memories/nostalgia trips

The main reason that pops into my mind is the massive backlog of games! If you have to balance a happy life with your gaming, then there is no way you had been able to get through all the games that are to offer for the Xbox 360. If you don’t want to be spending way to much money on new games and would rather go to your local game shop and get 10 pre-owned games for around half the price of the new games they bring out today, then yes the Xbox 360 would be an excellent purchase. Focusing more on the price, if you don’t mind the aged graphics and slightly longer loading times, then the price you a get some games for is honestly mind-boggling. Some 360 games that released from 2010 onwards are worth around £5.00 – £15.00, keep in mind that each shop you visit will have their own pricing standard so prices could vary dependant on condition, backward compatibility functionality and other popularity.




Additional extras for an Xbox 360 in today’s world would cost considerably less than it did around 8 years ago. A xbox 360 controller today, more than likely second-hand, would cost you anywhere from £10 to £17 on average and in good condition, which compared to 8+ years ago and in new condition, it would have been a lot more in the £25 – £30 depending on the shop you go to. Headsets, now for me that’s a tricky one because I personally can’t buy a headset that someone else has worn, just a hygiene thing I’ve always had, same goes with earbuds….Just can’t do it. I picture it being the same gross feeling if you brought second hand pants…I just could not do with the feeling of knowing who’s crack that pair has been up! Plus who in their right mind, buys second hand pants?

Back on track, any accessories you can find for the Xbox 360 either in a collectors shop in brand new condition or in a great condition overall is just an amazing find. Plus the good thing is, no matter how much you compare it to the current generation consoles, the price difference is very noticeable.


Last but not least, the memories, I know I touched on this earlier but when you look back on the memories you shared on that device, whether it was on the wonderful days of couch co-op, controller passing with your friends or just in general, the days where awesome! For me, the best times where playing GTA Vice City on my Xbox 360 and visiting the 80’s once more and in all the original detail. Another great time and game for me on that console was Saints Row 1 – 2 & The Third. Those games made up a large portion on my free time back in my school years.

So, before I ramble about my memories too much, here we are again, stumbled to the main question…

“Buying an Xbox 360 in 2018 – Is It Worth It?”

If you liked the above and don’t mind spending a little bit of money, then yes. The console has aged well, like a beautiful wine that you can sit back, appreciate and sometimes even cringe at how good or bad gaming was back then. However, just remember, those where the days when 480p was still around, although a majority of games where 720p or even 1080i, it was good for its time.

My personal answer, is it worth it in 2018?

Not as my main daily driver console, more for the memories and chill nights after a long day at work.


About Tom Hicks

A Tech loving guy who enjoys life and the many aspects that digital media can influence our choices and life overall.

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