Is the 3DS/2DS worth it in 2018?

I have been thinking recently, well quite a bit actually about one thing with Nintendo.

Does the Nintendo 2DS & 3DS actually have a future anymore?

Nintendo have been a unique kind of company. They love everything that every other company fear to embark on. For example, a lot of people thought the Wii was stupid because no gamer wants motion controls when they can sit in a chair or couch and game, well the Nintendo Wii did it really well and actually managed to run out of stock with their orders at the lunch of this famous and innovative for its time console.

That got me thinking about the Nintendo DS platforms and how future proof they are. See, the Nintendo DS had the mobility factor that a PS4 and Xbox does not and for that reason has always been one of the most popular consoles in the handheld region, beating the PS Vita by a mile. It also touch the integrated touchscreen from day 1 which got lots of attention from games such as Super Mario, Ninten-dogs and many more titles. Again this was something that a PS and Xbox console could not implement, no matter how cool the Kinect or PS camera was, it did not come close to what was in store for players on the DS. All these factors of its time made the DS such a popular device, it would be seen by pretty much every kiddo at a school, party or house in general.


Let us move forward to now, 2018 and Nintendo have had the Switch console out for nearly a year now and have more games coming out than loot boxes in your average Call of Duty Match. That’s saying something.

So, like the title states, since seeing this, it had me thinking about the future of the 3DS/2DS platforms. I have myself had a Nintendo DS since the DS Lite model came out in 2006 with games that where great, although looking back on it, resolution was crappy but all in all, it was a game and it looked beautiful for the time. Ever since then, Nintendo have been bringing out updated versions of the console in form of the DSi, then the DSi XL all the way to the 3DS/XL and 2DS/XL. It makes you start the wonder how many different version of the DS can Nintendo pull out the hat?


Nintendo DS Consoles
Credit: Know Your Meme


Despite the many different version of console released, I did get them all and noticed that with every new release, the consoles got bigger and better. More memory, new UI themes, bigger screens on both touch and top screen and in turn it made sales go well and games more enjoyable compared to the original DS cheese block style model that came out way back when. The one component I do miss being from the get go of the DS was its backbone amazing feature for kids and adults alike at the time….Pictochat! That was the rise of social media for kids back in the day…like an ancient and slower version of messenger but with a touchscreen….Oh the amount of pictures I made on that, I called myself an artist. We all know I wasn’t though.

Since the world now has multiple versions of DS consoles and very vast library of DS games to pick from, it makes you think about the future of this brilliant handheld console and its purpose now the switch has been dominating. I wouldn’t say it was a stupid choice on Nintendos part at all, if anything it gives us more choice, more variety to choose what we want with more flexibility. While the Switch console will be focusing on more power-hungry games from anything like Doom or Super Mario Odyssey, the DS gives us a more calm and subtle approach to gaming. Give or take the DS can’t play something like LA Noire at amazing graphics, it still gives us games we can enjoy and remember, not for the worlds best graphics, but more for the memories, story and just fun times that makes any lunch break, bus journey, evening wind-down as fun as the next. I would go in-depth about the Switch, but this isn’t the time or blog for that, this is focused on the DS and its future being either numbered, still growing or firmly on the line of flow.

On a personal opinion, I think the DS platform has so much more potential than it is already giving, with great titles on the horizon and even ones already been released the DS platform offers gaming gold from as early as the 2000’s all the way up to now and given the different themed consoles coming out to, there is no sign of the DS slowing or stopping for the Switch to take over.

Hope you peeps like this article, if so, thanks for giving it a read.


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A Tech loving guy who enjoys life and the many aspects that digital media can influence our choices and life overall.

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  1. It doesn’t seem like Nintendo is worried about whether they have a future .. they have a present, with their best US January sales in the past five years, and that’s enough for Nintendo to keep producing them. They occupy a spot on the price ladder that the Switch cannot touch, and while Switch it clearly a larger money earner, everyone who wanted something stronger & higher resolution at the cost of not being pocketable & costing 1.5 to 3.75 times as much has, well, Switched, so the 3DS is not cannibalizing Switch revenue.

    Nintendo is going to keep supporting it at a level proportional to its success in the market. If people keep buying them, Nintendo will keep making them.

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