Paladins – The Overwatch that isn’t Overwatch. (Game Review)

I must start off with saying that I in general am not a fan of free titles or pay to win games for a certain reason…however, this game has changed it all for me.

So, I am basing this review of my usual 3 hour rule and also using the Xbox One X console as the platform.

If you are a fan of the Blizzard title, Overwatch, then I can assure you that this title will tick all your boxes.

So, what is it? Well, it is a free to play, first person and filled to the brim with content. The main aspect of the game is pretty much to win, the more you win, the more XP you get to level up, unlock stuff and most importantly….get loot crates! Everyone loves a good lootcrate! Basically you could say its like every generic first person shooter at the moment, just with a twist, more characters, more colour and more variety.

Now going back to the reason why you will like it if you like Overwatch.

Everyone who has played overwatch will remember that game, the cartoon style graphics, the fast paced movement, the wacky selection of all unique characters, the crazy game modes and special abilities that each character have. Now, if you are a fan of Overwatch, then this game pretty much ticks it all for you. It has a huge cast of characters to select from. Some will be similar to other characters in overwatch, however the only difference could be as simple as the voice, the clothing, the hight or even the weapon or ability. It is scary how much similarity there is between Paladins and Overwatch, however you will learn to love the game rather than hate for the similar reasons too.


Credit: Hi-Rez Studios



Personally myself, I love this game more than overwatch, why? Because there is so much more you can do, change, add, buy, loot and so on. There is so much more customisation with the characters, it makes every match feel and play out completely different to the next, whether that’s a placebo effect, ill never know, but I love the game too much to care. Moreover, the game modes included are very similar to Overwatch also, such as escorting the payload, capturing the area and scoring points, it’s all so similar but at the same time feels so fresh and new.

Now, lets talk about the worry of the game…

Micro-transactions. The one thing that can move the gaming culture that quickly, publishers have to make quick and rash decisions to ensure they can keep the player base there and the devoted fans happy. At first glance, you could pretty much worry at the glance of DLC content, especially when it’s a big price for the DLC and the game already cost an additional £45 ($60), you feel pretty deprived and robbed that you had to pay such a price in the first place. Some game developers have made this choice and had it backfire pretty fast, however with Paladins, it makes perfect sense as to why they are doing it. It’s a free to play game so you can play the whole thing and explore the core mechanics of the game without spending a single bit of cash, or alternatively, you could fast track and buy all the characters for as little as £15.99 ($21.45) which to be honest, to unlock all the characters in the game for such little price, you can’t argue at that!


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 16.15.13
Credit: Hi-Rez Studios


On the other hand, there are a string of other DLC that you can buy (optional) which will increase the speed you earn XP, Gold and other things that unlock other things that lead to things… gets kind of confusing. The main thing is, the option is there, you just don’t have to go running for it and taking it on every chance, you can take your time and enjoy the grind to getting your next big hero to play as.

All in all, Paladins is something of a Diamond in the rough, the rough being all the DLC content and the diamond being it is free to play. After you get past the initial gruelling stage of the introduction, you will quickly enjoy and understand the game. It isn’t rocket science and sometimes the most gruelling teams can be easy to play and win. There are so many options its unreal, many setup classes you can make and many different ways to play the game, you just have to choose if you want to do that by grinding, or paying? That part, i’m afraid, is totally up to you.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did then I would greatly appreciate a like or follow if you could?


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