Apple AirPods. Wireless Beauty.

Something so small, yet so mighty. The Apple AirPods have been out for a while now, and since owning a pair as a Christmas gift, it seems only right that I give them my conclusion in terms of being useful and worth the price they are.

Apple launched there Wireless AirPods on December 13th 2016 so they have been in the wild of the public for some time now. Enough time to see if they are worth the time, money and usage that they are set for. So, bear in mind I’ve only had mine for a good 4 weeks, however they seem like the perfect addition for someone that enjoys wireless connection and all things Apple.

Time to get talking!

From the get go, you will notice the most obvious change to these Apple earphones is there is no more annoying wires being tugged pulled or even twisted after a brisk walk with them in your pockets in your jeans, coat pocket or even bag. Although it is just taking away something and replacing it with a bluetooth receiver, it really does change the game.


No more do you find yourself having to constantly rearrange the wires when changing sitting position. No more do you have to tuck away every part of the wire while walking around to avoid hanging yourself on a door handle. No more are you having to spend ages making sure your zipper doesn’t catch the wire and end up cutting it cleaner than a master chef slicing butter. Believe me, its been done more times than you would think, I’m very guilty of this one.

So apart from the wireless, the body has changed very little in all truth, apart from some minor cosmetic changes such as a silver/chrome style base on the bottom of the AirPods and some dots on the side. Now these magical dots are more than just a cosmetic thing, they are built in sensors that detect when an AirPod has been removed from the ear. This is particularly useful for when you want to quickly chat to someone and not raise your Apple Watch and pause the song or even your iPhone and end up unlocking and pausing the song, adjusting the volume and so on. When removing one of the AirPods, the music will come to a stop while you have it out of ear, however you can continue the music by asking Siri or pressing play on an apple device such as your iPhone or Apple Watch. When putting the removed AirPod back into your ear, the music will start again, simple but very effective especially if your unsure about any background noise and really don’t want to look at your phone to pause a particular song.

In addition to the cosmetic changes, you do get a 2 in 1 carry and charge case. Although it looks like a simple case but with a smooth round look. It actually holds power in with the pods. Once you drain the battery on the main pods, stick them in the case and simply let them charge for a good 20 minutes or so to get some quality music back in your ears. The carry and charge case is powered by a standard Thunderbolt iPhone charger cable. Setup for these wireless wonders is more than easy as they should already come in the box set as pairing mode. This means they are already searching for a bluetooth device or signal, its as easy as pairing it via your iPhone settings or if you’re having difficulty, press and hold the circle button on the back to ensure it is certainly searching for a bluetooth device.


Moreover, one of the most used tools that come with these AirPods, is the touch sensor on the sides that can enable Siri. If you need to send a request, make a call or even change the song or volume, just double tap any AirPod on the side 2 times to activate the Siri commands. This again is good if you don’t like the song thats playing and need a quick change or even to make a call using the built-in microphones on the end of the AirPods. While on the topic of features it can do, if you ever want to check the battery life of your AirPods or even charge case, then hold your case in close proximity of the phone, open the lid on the top and a box should pop up saying exactly what percentage of battery life both the AirPods and charge case has. If you take out both the AirPods, it will tell you what each pod is charged too.

Moving on, let us talk about the fitting!

When first looking at these, you think they are going to fall straight out of your ear at the lightest bump. However from using them for 3 weeks now and going for walks and runs, I personally can say they stay firmly in my ear. I have tried them while in a light drizzle of rain, and had no issue with water going on the sides while in use, however I am not here to guarantee using them in the rain is safe, this is just basing of my review and opinion of the device. So, the fitting was a major concern for me and I am sure many of others but as stated, they fit firmly in the ear while still delivering quality sound and great balance between bass and treble. The AirPods, as nicely that they fit in the ear, this does not block as sounds from the outside world from sneaking in. They do retain a great sound quality and do again block out a good 70% of noise when music is playing, however I personally like the fact some background sound is still present as you can hear the ting of a bell from a bike or someone wanting to pass by to even cars driving beside you. It still provides you of a sense of surroundings despite having music playing, which for someone who is wanting to be somewhat aware of that, then these AirPods do a good job at that while again keeping the music to a quality standard.


All in all, if you are looking for the next best thing from apple, then these AirPods will suit you perfectly. It could also appeal to those that just want a nice, modern approach to wireless AirPods and in all honesty, wold be again the perfect solution if looking to upgrade from your current cured earbuds. However, if the price puts you off, then I am positive there are some wireless or somewhat wireless earphones on the market for a more affordable price that will help you decide if you want to either spare the Apple AirPods or take then home nice and snug in the carry case.

For me personally, they fill all the boxes, the sounds is good, the fit is good and the addition of the charge and carry case is also great. My only question, how long until AirPods V2 come out?

Thanks for reading peeps and keep an eye out for further posts!


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A Tech loving guy who enjoys life and the many aspects that digital media can influence our choices and life overall.

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