The Sims 4, Now With Washing Machines!

After wearing the same clothes for a shocking amount of years, EA have finally given us the luxury of a washing machine and other washing materials!

So, in the world of The Sims 4, you’d get pretty excited for any new DLC that may arise. Some DLC is jam-packed with new locations, themes, clothes and even more than you could imagine. However, this time round I think we have got the best DLC of all time…WASHING MACHINES!

You guys know im kidding right?


I have been a very keen player of The Sims franchise for a very long time. I remember playing the standard version The Sims on the PC and PS1. I’ve seen this game evolve around the ages of what modern-day video games consist of and what they have become. Well, I think this time, EA must have thought they hit the jackpot this time because we have been awarded with, Washing machines, fancy washing machines. Clothes washing contraptions from long ago….anything washing wise, you name it, we certainly have got it this time. It is an exciting time for many players.

So, after watching a clip from the DLC announcement, it was clear that people at EA love washing clothes. I’ve never seen a DLC video that was shot in so many different angles, it was like a new Apple product reveal, multiple transitions, close up and angles for a sim doing these things…

  • Picking up washing
  • Placing washing into a bag
  • Putting Washing into Said machine
  • Looking at said machine
  • Turning said machine on

My mind was blown.

(Again if you can’t see sarcasm and you actually think i’m getting very excited over washing machines, step back, look at your washing machine, come back, then watch the trailer for the Sims 4 pack…then you might just see it)


Credit: EA, Maxis, The Sims Studio


Now before I go any further down the personal opinion of this being a somewhat pointless addition to the game, I know a lot of players have asked for this stuff, I understand that. Some people want that extra feeling of realism in their games. Where they can get the finer details of all their sims into the hobbit of too cleaning up everything from bins, dishes, puddles and even now clothes! That’s completely understandable. Some players jump at the chance to get every single appliance into the kitchen that they can, maybe it’s for OCD reasons or maybe its just them trying to re-model their own house in the virtual world. Who knows? I understand why this is a game changer for a long-term fan of the franchise, we have never had this close of a realism to a game like the sims before. Don’t get me wrong, although I have said in this blog with my sarcasm that it does seem somewhat pointless, I agree to the aspect that something like this wasn’t a hearty addition at launch, it just seem very far gone to add something like this so deep into the games release.

I didn’t want to “Milk” this blog too much but in all honesty, personally, I feel like The Sims series, as amazing as it is, right now feels like it is being milked for minor things, maybe its a sudden rise in DLC drops in games that makes me feel like this. Moreover, the fact you can take a basic component such as a washing machine and market it as the next best thing, it does come to ones door as a cheap way of getting some attention that will eventually, come out in a few washes….see that? Really cheesy joke. Honestly it took me a good 2 minutes to come up with something washing related as a joke.

Anyway, thanks for reading and stopping by. Remember all these views are my own and do not speak for the gaming community, I do like the idea of this DLC, I just don’t like the way it has been marketed as something far more superior than a standard washing machine.

Enjoy your washing machines!

The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff will be available on 16th January 2018.


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