The Sims 4 Returns To Console! (Console Edition Review)

It has been many years, the wait is over, and despite rumours that is wasn’t coming to the home console, it is finally here…The Sims 4.

As usual, I will be playing this title for 3 hours to stick to tradition of my blog base. The platform being reviewed on is the Xbox One X.

The game of life, manipulation and taking sims lives by removing the swimming pool ladder or adding a fireplace into a rather risky room filled with furniture that has a flammable tag on it. That is right, it’s the wonderful world of The Sims! Many years of being a dedicated console gamer has brought me to the moment of being a child again, building stupid houses with no expectancy of real life physics, dimension of needs of a human being. What more can you ask for? Well anyway, I spend the last 3 hours testing out the console on the Xbox One X and its playability and how it Controls.

(I Also played The Sims 4 Demo on my PC to see how much it differed)

So, after the initial boot up, familiar sounds of the startup and hearing the confusing yet familiar language of  Simlish. Nothing quite sounds as English and familiar than someone wanting to say hello but sounding like someone being played in reverse and being sick at the same time….its classic so it’ll do I guess. The addition of The Sims 4 now being on console makes you realise just how much you missed it and just how addictive it can be while being a sit down on the sofa kind of game.

Let me just start with the main thing that took a while to get used to. If you are coming from a PC or have played a Sims game in the past, you will know it is a menu heavy game. This means pretty much everything you want to do, click or collect will involve some sort of 5 step menu process. When playing the game on PC, this isn’t bad at all at you can drag and click on any part of the screen without being to flimsy. When playing on the Xbox, you will notice straight away that the menu process can be pretty annoying. It isn’t as easy as simply pressing 1 or 2 buttons to get what you want….you must click to snap to a menu, for ease of use, then flick the d-pad or analogue stick to where you need to go, then click on what you want on that drop down, then eventually find your chosen destination. After going through all this, you realise you paid more attention to the menu navigation and completely forgot that your baby sim has just crapped up the wall, the mum is watching a comedy while dad is burning down the kitchen. Perfect.


After an hour or so of gaming and fiddling with controls, you will eventually get used to the unique control layout for the console edition and bypass this bother by getting well stuck into whatever it is your mind is wanting you to create, design, or burn down, depending on your mood and your sims cooking level. Me personally, I prefer making everything legit, building my sims skills, progressing in a career and becoming something from nothing.

Moving on, something I didn’t have the luxury of doing was creating a Sim. Since I had a friend over while reviewing the item, they wanted to try the console version since they have the PC version of the game. After a few chosen words and menu disputes later, my friend eventually created my Sims family. It was perfect, down to the finest of detail such as facial hair, nose width, hight, man boobs, the whole lot! The only thing for me was watching her took a pain staking 2 hours to complete as she struggled to navigate the menu heavy console edition of The Sims 4.


So, going back to my side of things…

The game for me runs smooth, fast loading times and smooth as butter, the options for what you can do in terms of building are all there and build for use on a console, it really is a good port of the game. Again like said above, the only down side is the menu isn’t much like an easy task and can take a good few attempts to do until you eventually get the right option picked. All things menu aside, the addition of this game finally on console makes things a delight, it lets you have fun creating and controlling sims lives without having to be crowded around a PC or sat at a desk in a rather stiff desk chair.

Time for the conclusion!

If I was to conclude this title, I wouldn’t base it on my lack of knowledge, however the feel of the game after the 3 hours. Yes the game now makes sense in terms of control scheme. The menu is easier to navigate but sometimes I still sit annoyed and confused in how I get to a certain menu due to a delayed brain fart moment. The game is fun and addictive….very addictive. It still have some throwbacks in it in terms of names of certain characters and even theme tunes if you look in the right menus.

I guess if I was to start some sort of rating system of 1 being terrible and 10 being amazing, no issues, completely flawless and just wow! Then I guess The Sims 4 Console Edition would most likely sit on a comfy scale of 8.5 out of 10

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