Xbox One X – Is It Good?

If you decided not to get the Xbox One X before christmas, you better look for some January sales for this beast of a console. Since the release of the wild beast of a console which is the Xbox One X, also known as the console on steroids to some. Today, I will go over the overall points of the new Microsoft Gaming console.

When rumours first spread of the console, it was amazing what was being said. People sat in silence while thinking of the possible specs inside the console, what would be possible to add to a machine that would beat the rest and be priced the best and most affordable for what it can offer. Not only was that the hot topic, it was also the launch of the PS4, which at the time was the console that tipped Microsofts Xbox One X off the edge with its upscaled 4K and image trickery. Many Microsoft fans and xbox lovers had been hacked and slashed down by Sony fans worldwide from the capabilities of the Sony PS4 Pro and how much more powerful and native it was to 1080p and 4K displayed gameplay.

Then it all changed.

At E3 2017 Microsoft dropped the bomb on Sony, and I mean massively. The time that all genuine Xbox fans had been waiting for. The next BIG thing. At the time, respectively named Project Scorpio, the worlds most powerful and beautiful console was born. Sony fans had to finally take a seat and let the fans of Xbox take the crown as they rejoiced in the huge upgrade and love that Microsoft had given them. It was like a call from the gaming gods…if they are a thing? The specs inside the machine contained such beauty, such prestige and flow against its rival PS4 Pro some people just could not believe that a console so small and compact could contain such power.

So, my main question…is it good?

From having my console for a month now, I can happily say i’ve had no hiccups or stops along the way. From the moment I plugged the system in, downloaded my profile, I have been as happy as you could be. Like a kid at Christmas but just a bit earlier than Christmas, like a dog with a new toy, I was pretty much anything you can use to explain a happy subject with a new gift that they really wanted. From the moment I took the console out the box, I noticed the significant addition weight that had been added to the console. I wasn’t expecting a lightweight console but mark my words, you will notice the weight gain compared to the Xbox One S, not that it’s a bad thing, it feels more premium in my opinion.

Moreover, the speed is the obvious and first change you will notice and enjoy. I can open a menu such as Party Chat, Settings, Network Settings or just simply slide to the Store or Community tab without any stutter, freeze, confusion, long load times or anything that would break my attention away from the greatest gaming experience. I mean for a console that has specs that can match or rival a great gaming computer, no wonder why people are flooding the stores to buy what is currently the worlds fastest console.


I would absolutely expect a stable experience that would keep me immersed, gaming and completing like the geeky guy I am, for something that is essentially like a mini PC in a tiny shell but in a console platform, it makes what was a long waiting time, loading, installing and all the other drama of console gaming a thing of the past and a breeze.

Moving on, the look of the console is something similar, it contains all aspects from the little brother that was the Xbox One S but with some cosmetic changes, for the better. If you have owned a Xbox One S console, you would have noticed the popped grill/vent on the top instead of the OG Xbox One consoles grills, like something from the front of a truck. For the better, this has been removed. The console now has a more solid approach and design. It looks more modern, like a solid piece of kit, rather than something from the 80s, like a pop art painting with its tiny breathing holes for hot air to escape from. The fans have been moved to the back so the hot hair just escapes without blowing around the top or side of your console.


Next Step, The Games!

If you have played on an xbox One S or Xbox One console since its release and then jump straight to the xbox one x, you will notice a huge difference. Some games more than others, especially if they have the Xbox One X Enhanced and/or 4K logo in the corner. If you want to see the current list of Xbox One X Enhanced titles, then check for current games supporting this or ones currently in development for a 4K enhanced patch. Click here To Check!

Back on track, games are noticeably better in many ways. Some for me would be that there is minimal obvious pop-in for textures and objects such as trees, building HD textures and even NPC’s such as walking pedestrians, cars, collectables objects and so on. A game that stuck out the most for me with the added enhancement was Assassins Creed Origins, it felt like it was built for minimal performance on the Xbox One and S console, but built to last on the Xbox One X console. The load times on the X are much faster, the draw distance and how sharp the image appears are much stronger and quicker too. Don’t get me wrong, it still looks fantastic on the older Xbox one consoles, however, the xbox one x takes full advantage of that extra horsepower and makes any mediocre game look much more appealing. Again if you have played on the OG Xbox One systems, the difference will be very noticeable.


As an overall look, if you haven’t got an Xbox One X yet, don’t hold back. Some people say they can’t notice a difference but when I see people say things that they don’t think about before saying it just makes me laugh on what they are missing out on. Some of the things ive seen, I will go over on a quick Q&A…

“My friend has an Xbox One X, it looks terrible on his TV so I ain’t getting on…PS4 Pro for life”

My response, “Maybe your friend has a HD Ready 720p TV…try looking in the settings or on a newer TV maybe?

“It look just the same as my Xbox One S….no point in upgrading!”

My response, “The shell might be the same, if not similar, look at the specs, then look at your TV, guaranteed it will be much better my friend.”

These are just 2 of the reasons I sometimes don’t read forums or chat rooms involving people not wanting to get or even understand what the Xbox One X is and what it is capable of.

As a conclusion/roundup, the Xbox One X is a brilliant console, the loading times are quick, the 4K updates and enhancements on the games that support it make for great gaming experiences and visuals for your eyes to soak in at. The list of games making the most of the Xbox One X’s power is forever growing and is always something to keep an eye on so you know what games to get and expect a good performance on. If you are looking to buy the console, just ensure it has a lot of space around it and kept at a decent temperature, preferably not near a radiator or in direct sunlight, you’d pretty much destroy the console if you decide to fire it up on some next level 4K game and 60FPS….Would not be a pleasant experience.

So is it good? No, its not good, its amazing!

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