SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY – The Past – The Present – The Future? (Campaign Review)

Nintendo has pleased Mario fans everywhere with this installation of the Super Mario series by giving us what we want, what we are used to and some things out of the ordinary…but that’s not a bad thing now is it?

As per usual, this review stems off my 3 hour play time review and will cover everything I have seen or know about from that time of exploration.

Once again, we are forced to boot up our Nintendo Switch systems because oh boy, we have an adventure on our hands. This Mario title is one of the first to actually have a more open world feel to it, in terms of on the Nintendo Switch console. Instead of it being all one big map, it is divided into sections/stages. Each stage has its own unique feel to it which in the long run, will separate them from there other playable maps throughout the game.

When you start the game off, the first 2 stages are rather small, they contain only limited activity and information as it’s a way of smoothing you into the game while you play around with its newly included gaming mechanics. Once you start to master the basics of the game, you will be gliding through the many secret passages, mini games and activities the game has to offer…and I my gosh it does offer a lot to choose from. Like said, after learning the basics of the game, you then start to understand how you get from stage to stage. The Odyssey! (Or in very few cases, some extremely long telephone cables)

The odyssey is like your bread to your butter, like your fish to your chips, its your only rule of transport from stage to stage. However, you can’t just up and go whenever you want to go to the next level and then the next and so on. You must make sure you look around and loot as many Moons as you can. Moons? “What drug are you taking Tom?” You’re probably thinking, but no its true, you look for moons. The Odyssey ship that you can use for travel is powered by moons. Its like the fuel for the ship, instead of petrol, diesel or that bio-friendly stuff you get these days, it’s all about that moon power! Adding to this, as crazy as it might sound, it’s actually a really good way to get you running about the game. It makes you look in the most unfamiliar places for the chance to find a secret moon or a multi-moon, which strangely resembles a bunch of bananas still together from the picking.

Moving on, enough moon talk, let’s get back down to earth for this section.

Throwbacks! This game is full of em! As you get into the game, you will be used to playing in the more modern and HD setting that you are in Odyssey, however, from time to time, you will be thrown into a more nostalgic setting that you may remember pretty well. Remember the old Mario games? Like N64 Mario? Well we have some of  those levels in the game…we have maps from other Mario games, 2D levels from other Mario games all with the respected sound effects too! If you are a fan of the old Mario titles….and when I say old I don’t mean like a few years ago, I mean like super old, like late 80’s and early 90’s old. If you have played any of those titles then I can assure you, this game is perfect for the best nostalgia trip and new adventure too.

Lets talk about the content.

So, like most Mario games, your collection something, like coins, which eventually build up a stat and an extra life when you reach 100 coins. This time, you collect moons, and even a currency that is strict to that map. So, they come in your standard coins for being able to purchase your generic stuff on the maps, then there is the purple currency, which each map has, however when you collect lets say 10x the purple currency on stage 2, you can only spend them on stage 2, its pretty much like a region lock for a game, if that makes sense. So just remember if you collect like 100 of the purple currency in one map, don’t be mad when you go to another map and only have around 4 in that one.

Moreover, the way you collect this currency can vary on each map as they all have a theme to it. So, for example, some maps, the currency can pretty much be right there in your face and ready for collection, other places, It can be a challenge and you have to jump, skip, climb, bounce, shape shift and use every single button on your switch to ensure you can make it to the secret mega moon or super purple currency. Once you have done 14 backflips, 25 jumps, 8 spins and wiped the sweat away from your head, you can spend this currency in the shop…in the purple section!  You can get customisable stickers for your ship, you can get mini items and theme specific clothing, which can be handy to accessing certain areas of the map you couldn’t do in your casual Mario overalls.

Something that I think ties in with the content is end-game content. I haven’t got there yet, however I have heard rumours that you can actually visit areas that you couldn’t do while in the main campaign. I have also heard that you can visit the moon, but I guess ill have to do a follow-up review on this some point in the new year or early 2018. Going back to the main point here, from what I have been told, the game doesn’t stop after the main campaign has been done, the many unexplained objects on the map and other items and doors have some sort of meaning that you can interact with and ultimately keep you busy for some hours extra. Again, I have not got this far so I can’t really comment on that one.

Now we move over to conclude this review!

Overall, going into the world of Mario not knowing what they have got for us this time has been a refreshing wake up for the franchise. Although it threw back to many older titles in the Mario universe, it was a great experience so far that made me feel comfortable and sometimes challenged, but in a fun and friendly way that is. Not one level is the same and each map has its own designated theme that makes the game feel vastly different and huge in comparison to other titles. Another one of my favourite things is the amount of content you have, the content is full to the brim and all different so it doesn’t feel repetitive. It all feels fun, fresh and Mario themed so whats not to love!

With all the above in mind, this title, Super Mario Odyssey, passes all my expectations and with more content for me to explore, I can’t wait to spend a solid few hours exploring this amazing world of Mario and its theme based levels. I wouldn’t miss this game, and if you haven’t got this game yet, your truly missing out on a fun adventure.

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