Nintendo Switch – 10 Months Later…

Back in March of this year, Nintendo graced our homes as well as our travels with the revolutionary console, the Nintendo Switch. Not only is it something new for Nintendo, it is everything you wanted in a console and portable!

I got my Nintendo Switch around its release date and immediately fell in love with the console. I love Nintendo games and love the fact Nintendo don’t join the competition for the fight, but more for he fun. They make consoles and games based on fun, challenge and exploration. That for me is what pulls me into the Nintendo Switch and its vast library of games. I mean, the fact it has so many games from Nintendo first party games, third-party ones from Bethesda, Ubisoft and even Rockstar, it shows it can handle its stuff and can produce a game of good quality that originally came from a platform much bigger than the Switch itself, its pretty much a Nintendo 3DS on steroids.

So, after 9 months, does it keep up to its original benchmark? Well, lets find out shall we.

The first thing I want to cover is the battery life of the console. When I first got the console, my biggest worry was…the battery life. I thought it would become an ongoing issue of having to keep it constantly plugged in and after a few months, the battery just going downhill. However, to my amazement, the battery on this little beauty of a machine makes it possible to play some great games on the go without a worry of the battery. The amount of times it has been pulled in and out of the dock and had no worry of a rapid battery decline is something of a great improvement from previous Nintendo products. I’ve had terrible times with the DS systems in the past but the Switch has me firmly gripped since its battery is something of a miracle!



Tip time from Tom!

To keep the battery life on your Switch from dropping too quickly would be to enable the automatic brightness so it adjusts to the light of the room and equally it keeps your eyes from hurting…win/win situation if you ask me! Also another way of keeping your battery at a good level would be that if you’re using your joy-cons attached in handheld mode, then turn on flight mode to keep your switch from wasting valuable battery life on looking for WiFi access points. Plus it also stops your game from sudden lag from searching for WiFi points.


Back to the main story!

The Games, the biggest concern for many Switch owners. Some feared it would be flawed from day 1 with a lack of third-party and first party games. Boy…wasn’t they wrong! The Switch has come a long way since its release 9 months ago, with game developers looking in amazement at the compatibility that the switch can maintain in terms of graphical output, it has given a lot of developers the guts to push out ports of older games or even current and new titles to the console too! Some great examples of this would be Rockstar and there LA Noire port. Yes the game came out in (add date) but still to this day, it holds down the fort for being one of the best detective thrillers of its kind! The switch displays this game in such beauty both in and out dock, adds in touch screen abilities and motion controls too! It pretty much makes the game feel like a huge upgrade and new game overall if played correctly. There are many other ports such as DOOM, Rayman Legends and even Skyrim, which I have managed to firmly grip my teeth into, check out this article for more on that legendary title.

Moreover, with their games, Nintendo doesn’t shy from their own responsibility of ensuring quality games for their own console, as presently seen with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2 Switch and many more titles. All their titles are polished, very little bugs, adventurous and the main part, fun! Now this is something most developers often forget, the fun part…sometimes the games can be that overwhelming that you just get lost in the blizzard that is open world, with very little guide what to do. However, this time round with pretty much all the Nintendo titles is the on track fact of having so much to do but in a good and respected way.

One thing I would like to point out about the Switch, which at one point got me a bit worried, was the fact that the summer was a little dull for game releases. This meant you had to wait a very long time for the next big blockbuster to arrive and even with that, it was floods of indie games. I don’t have anything against indie developers, however, sometimes when a game it pretty much pointless and short in length, I can say the Switch online e-store does have some titles like that. However way you look at this, it is still a good thing as it gives us plenty to do on such an awesome device that delivers much more punch and promise than we could have expected.


The Conclusion?

Well, on a personal level, the Nintendo Switch delivers the promise it set out to do and much more. I was only expecting games on a 720p/480p scale of something similar to the Nintendo DS systems. I wasn’t expecting such a smooth experience on such a great scale of games as complicated as DOOM, Skyrim, Super Mario Odyssey all the way to the more relaxing games of the indie section such as ocean Horn and overcooked. The delivery of great titles, unique gameplay controls and optimisation makes any game I have tried to so far a fun and different play-through from what I may have played before. I can happily say, after 9 months of use every other day, the Switch has certainly passed my test and become one of my all time favourite consoles to play on.

If you haven’t brought one yet, I would highly suggest getting one, mainly for its portability.

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