Skyrim & The Motion Controls. (Nintendo SWITCH)

A Continuation to my first Skyrim Nintendo Switch Review, check out the Part 1 by clicking here!

I mainly will be focusing on 1 particular aspect for this article, which is the motion controls so it won’t be as long as every other article on this page.

So, after a further amount of hours exploring the Switch converted world of Skyrim once more, I still come across amazed on how well the Nintendo system holds up to such high action moments with such limited hardware in your hands. I mean, apart from amazement of how well the game runs, I have also spend many more hours exploring the world while holding a joy con in each hand and using motion controls to fight off enemies and use the bow and arrow, which once you get used to it, you feel like an archery master, like olympic style of course…

Let me just primarily take this time to talk about how the motion controls are.

Motion controls, they are amazing when they work and make you look like a fool when they don’t. In a way, that is the joy because it gives you time to actually understand how the positions are and how to make them work in the best possible way. My understanding is that you can’t just stand or sit and comfortable throw a swing of a sword or lift up your shield…the days of that being easy like the Nintendo Wii are long gone. No longer can you sit down on a chair, flick your wrist and boom, perfect strike…no way…I’ve found for this particular game, you have to really go for a swing, go the full 9 yards, get the blood pumping like your about to take part in an early 1990s workout CD. To give you a visual representation you have to swing your arm up for the shield to rise, pretty standard, then you must also slash the arm as if your about to cut into the largest and most thickest steak you’ve laid your eyes on. In other words, you gotta really make the effort to make things work in terms of attack, there is no casual fight in these controls, you will be guaranteed to work somewhat of a sweat when fighting in groups or a beastly dragon.


The thing is for me, I live with my partner, so when he is sleeping, I usually fire up the switch and play Skyrim, he always falls asleep early so I take that time to chill and unwind since by the Miracle of science, I can’t sleep before 11pm…my body is strange. So anyway, back on track, when he is fast asleep, I fire up Skyrim on my Switch, get into a good gaming mood and then Boom! I’ve just smacked over my gaming merch from my shelf because I got that into using motion controls, I go into full gamer mode, I build up the energy to full on attack the air with my joycon. Lets just say, when my other half wakes up to a crash and I’m just there standing into front of a 32” TV at my desk like I’m trying to take down a house fly with a joycon. It isn’t as easy to explain as you’d think.

Moreover, with attacks and shields aside, probably the most useful tool for motion controls is doing the lock picking. It is so precise, easy, and real in comparison to using the controller and analogue sticks with a dead-zone response time that is so bad, it makes you wonder if your actually pressing the button or not. Ever since I discovered you can unlock a door or chest using motion controls, I have not been able to put the joy cons down, it feels like a whole new experience being able to actually do it physically by turning your wrists to the correct angle and then turn the lock with the other wrist. When you do eventually master the art of pick locking with motion controls, I can guarantee every successful unlock will make you feel like a master life hacker….well, it did for me anyway.


Now that motion controls are out the way, I suppose that sums up my whole adventure. I’ve put in a good 12+ hours into the game on the switch and I have to say, motion controls or no motion controls, it is a fantastic game. It runs well for a handheld hybrid console, it delivers hours of fun on a single charge in handheld mode and whatever you throw at it, it will play and stay how it should with no hiccups at all. If you haven’t played Skyrim yet, which ill be honest, this is my first time, then you really should pick it up on the Switch, that way you won’t go a minute without it on your daily commute.

I’m sure there are many other things you can use the motion controls for, I just haven’t figured them out yet. Who knows, maybe i can do another one of these for skyrim?

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