Forza Motorsport 7 – The Love Letter of Racing Games! (Campaign Review)

Forza Motorsport 7, the latest exclusive to hit windows 10 and Xbox One consoles with such promise, Beauty and perfection. The question is, how much does it live up to the hype that it has created?

I am basing this review on my 3 hours of playing time rule.

Forza Motorsport has improved largely over the years from its early baby days of being a pretty simple and generic arcade style racer, to the beautiful pearl of perfection that it is now. However, as with all games, it does come with its ups and downs. However with this game, I have found there are many more highs than lows.

The Positives.

Straight out of the box, Forza Motorsport 7 does not fail to impress, it has superb graphics, many of cars to pick from and a good soundtrack that doesn’t get overly boring after an hour or 2 of consistent playing. The crisp and clean look on each and every car is something that will guarantee to satisfy the best of car lovers and people who just love perfection overall. Each track that is on the game has a great amount of effort displayed into them, every corner, every distant building, every tyre barricade has such detail, you kind of want to pull over and just take in the breathtaking beauty that goes together with both the cars and the tracks in this edition of Forza Motorsport.


Forza 7 Porsche GT2 RS Front Road
Credit: Xbox Wire


Apart from the graphics, another major improvement is the overhaul of the career mode. No longer do you have to stick to the generic race after race to progress in a certain respected order, this has been scrapped and replaced with a more enjoyable system. The main progression has been split down into different cups that you can win, however, in those cups there is a select amount of championships which again includes a number of races to win. Thrown into the mix, there is also a choice of more relaxed and fun approaches to events as well, similar to showcase events in Forza Horizon. You can drift a Limo on the famous Top Gear track, go for a 1v1 against other famous drivers or even do catch up events where you catch up to rival racers and try pass them all in 1 lap. Although it can sometimes be intense, it is a great system that separates your fast and furious races with fun and crazy side events that makes it feel refreshing when you go back to the main race system.

Another great addition to this game, which I am usually against, is the use of Loot-Crates. As usual, there are many different versions of crates to pick from, standard ones, pro ones, lucky ones and extreme super extra amazing could be anything inside like a Lamborghini kind of crates. As of yet, you can’t pay for in-game credits using real currency, you have to manually earn your CR credits to then choose if you want to buy a crate. I think this is better as you’re not putting a risk on your gamble since you’re not going to spend hundreds or extra real life money on something that could be either good or bad depending on your wanting.


Credit: USGamer


More over, when you unlock these cars in the loot-crates, you add these cars to your car collection, which is a new system put in place for this Forza title. Every car you buy from the list known as your Collection will advance your collector rank. This then gives you the ability yo purchase more high-end cars and get more rewards while collecting the cars you love.

As For the negatives on this game, well to be honest, there isn’t any major let downs for this game. My only bone to pull at this game would be the sometimes horrific loading times depending on the course your on and the racing AI. The AI racing opponents on this Forza title feel more prestige and more aggressive than your average corner camper in a First Person Shooter. They do not hold back, they will hit your car, PIT manuever you and pretty much lift your back wheels off the road so you can’t brake safely around a corner. Apart from those 2 things, the game for me is a slice of beauty and pretty much Microsoft’s way of saying “We Love You” to the fans of the fantastic Forza franchise.

So, this is only based on my 3 hours of gameplay. There is plenty more to the game to pick from, many showcase races and collections to build and much more. I don’t want to spoil too much and want to leave you with something to discover as this is a title you will only enjoy if you discover and personally play out yourself rather than reading up the whole game like a walk-through.

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