The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Is It Worth It? (Nintendo Switch Review)

The time has come and the beautiful world of Skyrim is now available on the Nintendo Switch. For the first time ever, we can experience Skyrim in all its glory with added motion controls and flexibility to be at your local coffee shot and slaying dragons (No, I don’t mean actual dragons at the shop, that would be stupid, I mean on the game…Never mind.)

As usual I will be going by the 3 hour rule to see if the game passes my expectations and doesn’t leave me puzzled. Also, I have never played Skyrim so I’m going in head first with this title.

So, for fans of Skyrim, this is a time to celebrate, slay more dragons and spend many more hours into solving puzzles and gaining your rewards. For me, this is scary, mostly to the fact that I have never played this title and wanted to save it for a time like this, when its more approachable. So in this review I will be going over what I have experienced within the 3 hours playing time I have accumulated and explored. This isn’t a full review from a walk-through completion, just simply to imply how the game feels, how quickly it gets your attention and what it does best. All within 3 hours.

First thing is first, The Motion controls. There are absolutely amazing. From watching people play on a standard PC or console, it did look like a cluster of finger taps and clicks, which mostly adds to why I didn’t play the game much in the first place. However, the motion controls are so finely tuned it is something that feels pretty natural although I have only just gotten into the motion control scene. Like previous Nintendo titles that use motion controls, they have shown it can be a pretty hard mechanic to grasp, it can feel more like a chore rather than a way to save time. Not this time, the natural swing of a sword, the careful operations to pick of a lock, the gentle pull of an arrow and feeling of letting it accelerate past you makes this game much more immersive than the standard console or PC versions. There are many more things you can use the motion controls for and those said above are just some of the tools that make this game feel so new, so fresh and exciting to not only new fans but old ones as well. If you are a fan of motion controls, especially from Nintendo, then you will not be disappointed.


Credit: Nintendo


Moving on, my main points to judge to this game would be the loading times and overall quality of the gameplay. Now, if you are used to playing on PC, yes you’re going to notice the anti-aliasing is annoying, the draw distance isn’t as strong, the textures can sometimes suffer…but hey, it’s a portable console, it’s going to be like that. If you’re a console player from the 360 and PS3 days, then you are not going to notice much difference at all really. It still has great graphics, both in and out the Switch docking station. The frame rate, for me so far has shown no struggle at all, constantly staying high no matter how much fire a dragon will throw towards me, no matter how many blizzards will  snow or bad weather is coming, it constantly delivers the same epic gameplay as you would expect from playing on a more beefy console.

One thing I must say about the quality of the game is that is does have a noticeable dip when first going from docked to handheld. The docked version looks great, shows nice animations, draw distance, decent levels of anti-aliasing and loading of textures. However, when taken from the dock and placed into your hands for the first time, you will noticeably see the difference. Some of the shadows will have gone or reduced significantly, the colours seem somewhat washed down (Although that could be due to the screen) and the textures will seem a little different from what you are used to seeing on the big screen in dock. After the first time doing this, it will not be a matter of annoyance and will just feel like a natural transition from A to B. Since it doesn’t effect the gameplay and all mechanics stay the same, it should only feel like a quick pit stop from picking it up and loading it in your hands.


Credit: Nintendo


Now since this has only been 3 hours worth of info to put into this short blog, I would like to say that although I am concluding this article from this point, I will be doing a part 2 to this review after I have put this game through its paces and got more time to try to make this game do everything in its path to try to slow down, buffer load times and other annoying habits that games throw our way. You can expect to see a part 2 for this article in December of 2017.

These are my first thoughts and comments on my limited 3 hours of gameplay, thank for stopping by, clicking and reading the article. If you would like to follow and support my page then I would be forever grateful in the help with this journey. All social media pages are on the front of my website and towards the bottom.



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