Call Of Duty: WWII – Does it live up to the hype? (Campaign Review)

So, the new Call Of Duty has hit the shelves, then into the disk trays and eventually on our big screens. So, the main question is, what does everyone think of it so far?

Personally, I am going on my 3 hour rule to say if it passes my expectations or not.

The following blog will be based on the new Call Of Duty experience which has been delivered from the loving and capable hands of SledgeHammer. The title being Call Of Duty WWII. The platform is has been tested on is the Xbox One S.

This article will be based on my view of the campaign while the multiplayer will be given on a separate blog. So, as you should know immediately from the games title, it is set in World War 2, one of the worlds biggest conflicts that had caused death to many soldiers and innocence through its time. Now this game doesn’t skip on any of the accounts following the death of soldiers and civilians and if anything, puts you head first into battle while seeing everyone and everything around you become pieces and rubble during the push towards ending the second world war.

Credit: Activision

Each chapter of the war is split up into sections happening throughout the months starting from D-Day. One of the most bloody battles ever recorded in modern history. No matter where you look, the evidence of your fellow brothers being ripped to pieces as the German empire strikes back. Nothing is missing from these scenes as your introduced the core gaming mechanics. Every limb that is lost, you watch, every shot taken, you hear it and while D-Day was an interesting starting point for this game, it remains throughout the whole of the game. Every mission or every attack feels as dangerous and shocking as the next. Once you step foot on the beaches and make your way progressively forward in the campaign, you will notice the connection between your fellow soldiers will strengthen, giving you more of a sense to push forward, not only to win the war, but to keep each other safe.

The choice in weapons are very authentic to the times and give a realistic front to what was available to the soldiers at the time. The reload times are at a forgiving and realistic speed, the textures on them show they are going through their paces of combat and there sounds of each bullet firing and every magazine reloading gives a very pleasing and realistic take on how weaponry  was for the soldiers of World War 2. I personally enjoy the fact that each weapon has its own respective attitude. Not 1 gun feels the same, they all have a very strict response so with a pistol or lets say a semi-automatic rifle doesn’t have the “spray” feature that most modern guns would have. For example, the MK14 in MW3 would have a very rapid-firing rate and could essentially fire as quick as you could pull the trigger…which felt a little over the top, if you ask me. However, like said, the guns in this game all have their own way of working, their own way of reloading and takes time or you to learn the pro’s and con’s of each weapon without feeling repetitive and as easy as previous call of duty titles.




So, as an overall 3 hour evaluation, it has so far been a very exciting adventure, one that has thrown me head first into a battlefield while being so undereducated on the enemy tactics. It doesn’t skip out on pulling your heartstrings by making you not only the player but actually part of that person’s life, in the virtual world. Choices are quick, shots are plenty and the raw feel of the second world war makes you fully understand just how much effort, time, money and research went into this game development. it was game well needed to bring the Call Of duty series back and on to the ground running, minus the jetpacks of course. But overall its great to be back to the basics of Call Of Duty as we know it.

Now that has all been said and done, I would recommend this Call Of Duty title to new and even old school fans of the series, not only because they went back to the theme of how Call Of Duty Was, but they have also listened to the fans, gave us what we want without the hassle of another super-duper future filled title of jetpack joyriding.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, if you enjoyed, please give us a follow as it greatly supports the adventure I truly believe in for being a writer.


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